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Hill Climbers: Alaskan Is Begich’s Eyes and Ears

Courtesy Tanana Chiefs Conference
Agatha Erickson, a native Koyukon Athabascan and member of the Kaltag tribe, grew up in rural Alaska, making her a perfect liaison to the area for Sen. Mark Begich.

In January, she joined Begich’s office as rural liaison, primarily working out of Anchorage. “I travel extensively throughout rural Alaska to be his eyes and ears on the ground, to hear what people in the villages want and need, the concerns that they have and to really reach out to people,” Erickson said. 

She expressed interest in running for public office down the line.

“My parents, grandparents and community live in rural Alaska,” she said. “So it’s very personal for me to help make people’s lives better in these areas.”

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