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Corbett: Don’t Kill the Public Relations Messenger

Despite evidence of public relations’ immeasurable value to society, McCaskill and Portman still believe it’s worthwhile to pursue this investigation. Or do they? According to aides quoted by Roll Call, the Senators “concede that what the Obama administration is doing [by hiring and using external PR services] likely is legal.”

So why undertake this investigation?

We’re not advocating that the federal government waste taxpayer dollars on services it may not need. However, we believe there is benefit to the administration employing PR firms to more efficiently and transparently inform Americans.

This investigation may appease voters. But a bump in the polls won’t solve government’s fundamental problem: Americans’ distrust of their elected leaders. Trust begins with good communication, and public relations is vital to that end.

Gerard F. Corbett is chairman and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America.

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