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Barrasso: Health Care Waivers for All Americans

The annual cost of subsidizing these ballooning numbers of insurance policies about $900 billion is nine times what the White House has claimed. In short, taxpayers will get stuck with a bill of nearly a trillion dollars every year.

I will continue to fight to repeal and replace this law with patient-centered care that lowers costs for all Americans.

Until we are able to repeal and replace the health care law, I will move forward with the Waive Act. This bill offers all Americans the freedom to choose. It gives them the right to seek and be granted a waiver out of the presidents health care law.

It is time to transfer power from Washington back to the American people. This will ensure they get the care they need from the doctor they want at a price they can afford.

Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.) is an orthopedic surgeon and vice chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.

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