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D.C. Art Venue Has Cool Vibe

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call
"King Me: Studies in the Uncivilized World" at the Fridge DC art gallery features a range of Washington-area artists from a recent college graduate to mid-career professionals.

Goldstein appears very comfortable with the Fridge's evolution, saying it's been something he's been planning for 30 years.

"Honestly, I started sketching the floor plan for this place when I was 10 years old," he said. "I'm 40 now. So it's been my lifelong dream and my lifelong work and ambition and drive to do this. And I did it. And I'm sitting pretty, working with professionals" on art he feels strongly about, in whatever form that takes, from graffiti art to music.

How Goldstein came to purchase the property and name it could be held up as an example of outsider repurposing taking a discarded thing and making art out of it.

"I found the property on Craigslist," Goldstein explained, saying it took him about 11 months to renovate after he purchased it in October 2008.

"It was just a cinder block piece of junk. It looked like a sideways refrigerator, which is where the name the Fridge came from."

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