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Gingrich 2012 News Gets Mixed Hill Response

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Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler dismissed naysayers who lauded the former Speaker’s policy acumen but questioned his electoral viability. Tyler pointed to Gingrich’s policy achievements serving as the first Republican Speaker in 40 years from 1995 to 1999, including welfare reform and the near-elimination of the budget deficit.

In noting Gingrich’s accomplishments as a Member, Tyler telegraphed what could be a campaign messaging strategy to contrast the former Speaker’s record of concrete achievement at the federal level versus his opponents’ “rhetoric” of as-yet-unfulfilled promises.

“I imagine those are the same people who thought balancing the budget was just an idea; I imagine those are the same people who thought welfare reform was just an idea,” Tyler said, in response to critics who complimented Gingrich’s contribution to Republican policy but otherwise consider him to be a political liability to the GOP.

Gingrich is scheduled to meet with Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) in Atlanta on Thursday, but a statement from Tyler late Tuesday said the former Speaker will not announce an exploratory committee at that time. Gingrich and Deal are set to speak to reporters following their meeting, described as a discussion about the 10th Amendment and overbearing federal regulations.

Exactly how much support Gingrich will have on Capitol Hill remains unclear.

The Republican is a nationally known media figure and prolific author whose businesses have generated millions of dollars in revenue since he left office after being deposed as Speaker following the House Republicans’ disappointing performance in the 1998 midterm elections.

He has been a regular on the GOP speaking circuit for years and is a major donor to Members through his American Solutions political action committee.

But will this professional profile translate into support in Washington and the access to political infrastructure and campaign contributions such backing could generate?

Gingrey, whose suburban Atlanta and rural Georgia 11th district includes much of Gingrich’s old House district, said he does in fact think the former Speaker is viable, including in a general election matchup with President Barack Obama. Gingrey said Gingrich deserves to be in the company of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and ex-Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty among the top tier of likely GOP presidential candidates.

“I definitely think he could. But I do feel that President Obama is going to be strong. ... We have to have a top-notch candidate to beat him. ... If we have the right candidate — and it could very well be Newt — we’ll beat him,” Gingrey said. “As a Republican delegation, we have not sat down and said, who are you hearing from. Newt is everywhere. He’s on all the talk shows, spoke at CPAC, he’s been to Iowa once or twice at least. So he’s like the Pawlenty, Romney and others who are really out there.”

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