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GOP Budget-Cutters Spare Capitol Police

For instance, the 2010 legislative branch spending bill included $2.5 million for demonstration projects on new energy technologies, such as fuel cell, wind turbine and lighting projects. The effort was a pet project of former Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard and part of then-Speaker Nancy Pelosis (D-Calif.) Green the Capitol initiative.

The plan is defunded under the CR.

Republicans had long said the project was a waste of money. And it turns out Democrats will not miss it either, one Democratic aide said.

We didnt spend the money, the senior aide said. We didnt like the initiatives Beard came up with.

Two other unauthorized Beard projects would be cut in the House bill: a tuition assistance benefit and a child care benefit for staffers.

The money was set up but the program was never created, Crenshaw said. Thats money that doesnt really affect anybody. Youre not laying off anybody, youre not stopping a program that exists.

Those projects are separate from the House child care center and employee student loan repayment benefits, which the bill still funds.

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