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Heard on the Hill: Bottoms Up

Many people have crazy stories of drinking when they were young, but how many can say John Wayne taught them how to handle their booze?

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher tells HOH that he learned to drink tequila from the legendary screen actor when he was a young man living on the West Coast.

The California Republican had a chance to meet Wayne and was even invited to his home.

At one point, Wayne asked Rohrabacher to join him for a drink, at which time he learned about Wayne’s favorite liquor.

“John Wayne was really a tequila drinker, and his brand was Sauza,” Rohrabacher recalls.

He says Wayne had a very specific way of imbibing, which included putting the booze in a small glass with one ice cube and a squeeze of lime. This habit stuck with him.

“That’s the way John Wayne drank it, so I drank it that way a lot,” Rohrabacher says, though he adds that he doesn’t drink as much tequila as he used to.

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