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Senate Panel Ratios Still in Limbo

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“He doesn’t want to cut people,” said one Republican aide frustrated with the lack of action. “Reid doesn’t want to say no.”

Several freshman Republicans hope McConnell will adopt a similar view since a handful of the newly elected Senators have requested spots on the prestigious Appropriations Committee.

At least one freshman Republican is likely to serve on the Appropriations Committee. McConnell announced at a rally last year he would appoint then-Gov. John Hoeven to the appropriations post if the North Dakotan won his Senate bid.

Several aides with knowledge of the negotiations indicated the ratios issue could be resolved by the end of the week.

Frustration with the lethargic pace hasn’t touched every corner of the Capitol.

One Democratic aide noted that the extra time has given Democrats an opportunity to criticize House Republicans, while allowing them to spend much-needed time with their constituents back home.

“It’s a smart move to have Members go home for two weeks,” the aide said, noting that since the GOP-led House will continue to send the Senate bills that Reid will not take up, very little substantive legislation will get done.

“This is going to be a year of wrangling, not legislating,” the aide added.

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