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CMF Helps Offices Face Fears After Tragedy

Managers should aim to make sense of all that information, Haag-Hatterer says.

ďEverybody is pretty much well-informed via the other communication channels,Ē Haag-Hatterer says. ďItís not HRís job or managementís job to do ... the mediaís job. Itís our job to point people in the right direction.Ē

Clinical psychologist Sandra Wartski says itís also important to allow people to work through the crisis in their own way. Congressional aides shouldnít be afraid to step away when the shooting coverage becomes overwhelming.

ďItís all around you, all day long,Ē says Wartski, who also will participate in the webinar. Make ďsure you just get away, [make] sure you get back to your normal routines, involving good exercise and good eating and good sleep.Ē

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