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Heard on the Hill: A Congressman’s Son Slept Here

There’s no doubt that selling a house in this economy is tricky. In fact, it’s so difficult that one D.C. homeowner has resorted to some shameless name-dropping in an effort to unload his Capitol Hill home.

Last week, an HOH spy snapped a photo of a flier hung in the Cannon House Office Building advertising a brick row house three blocks from Cannon. The flier lists all the important details, such as number of bedrooms, but it also includes a tidbit about the seller’s famous father, former Rep. Jim Ryun (R-Kan.).

The ad encourages interested parties to call owner Drew Ryun and notes “Drew is the son of former Congressman and Mrs. Jim Ryun from Kansas.”

We’re not sure why it is essential to note Ryun’s parents in the ad; calls to Drew Ryun (or a person claiming to be him) were not returned by press time.

Anything to make the sale, right?

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