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Heard on the Hill: Keep On Truckin’

Republicans taking control of the House means more than just an effort to repeal health care reform it also signals a change in culture.

Expect to see a lot more seersucker suits. Beloved GOP bar the Capitol Lounge could become the hippest spot in town. And the types of cars spotted on D.C.s roadways will change., a website for people looking to lease a car or get out of a lease found a noticeable shift in the vehicles driving on D.C. roads whenever Congress changes power. Think less hybrids, more pickups.

Its really no surprise to us, spokesman Ethan Goldman says. Its like, Get ready to see the Prius exodus.

The company tracked vehicle leasing trends in the region for several election cycles. Shortly after President Barack Obama took power, there was a 28 percent increase in hybrid leases in the region. The site expects to see a reversing shift this year as Democratic staffers leave town.

The parties even differ on luxury car choices, as Democrats favor Mercedes-Benz while GOPers like BMWs.

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