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Day One: Let the Battles Begin

Tom Williams/Roll Call
John Boehner, shown greeting visitors outside his new office Tuesday alongside other GOP leaders, will become the 53rd Speaker today.

Democrats are also working on a strategy for the 112th Congress: “If Republicans believe that they can implement a very much out-of-the-mainstream, right-wing agenda, they will quickly see that whatever initial support they have will erode,” the senior Democratic aide said. “This idea that it’s going to be our way or the highway is just not in keeping with what the public wants.”

Democrats huddled behind closed doors Tuesday afternoon to figure out how best to counter the GOP’s agenda, including the rules package and health care repeal. Democrats have described Republicans’ health care repeal efforts as political theater and have vowed to oppose it.

Pelosi said Tuesday that the repeal would “do severe, very serious violence to the national debt and deficit.”

One of Pelosi’s chief tasks as Minority Leader will be acting as a bulwark against Republican attempts to chip away at initiatives such as health care that she helped enact as Speaker. But Pelosi still says she has “no regrets.”

“I don’t really look back,” she said. “I look forward.”

Pelosi pledged that Republicans “will have a willing partner in solving problems for the American people,” but only when they “have positive solutions.”

Jessica Brady contributed to this report.

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