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Castle: Political Moderates Need to Stand Up

On His Plans for the Future
I donít know what Iím going to do now. Iíve been talking to law firms in Wilmington and Washington, D.C., about possible employment. My wife says I should just retire.

I will probably not run for office again. That is not part of my future planning. But I have no particular plans or commitments.

I think I counted the books I have backed up to about 62, and I love to read. So Iíll do a little more of that. Jane, my wife, will put me to work if Iím sitting around the house.

On His Relationship With Leadership
The poor Whipís people, like [Reps.] Roy Blunt [R-Mo.] and Eric Cantor [R-Va.], spent more time with me probably than almost anybody else, trying to say Ďoh, itís important as Republicans that we do this.í

I feel the political parties assert sometimes too much influence in Washington. They talk about lobbyists, et cetera. But I believe sometimes itís the party ideological drive thatís too strong.

As a result, I would say no at times. Other times, I would try to bring others with me. … that was never easy … there were times when I just didnít believe in the direction we were going and I just stood up to it.

On His Biggest Accomplishments in Congress
One was welfare reform. I had worked on that with Bill Clinton … when we were all governors together. After a couple of futile efforts … we were able to get welfare reform done, which I think has been a successful program.

I had another experience that was very different than that, but fun: My second term in office, I was approached by the Coin Collectors of America, and they said they wanted to do a program involving the quarters in which each state would be represented on the quarters. I listened to them for half an hour and said, ĎThis is crazy, this is Monopoly money.í

They came back a week later and said, ĎWe want to do this in the order in which the states were admitted to the union and Delaware would be firstí ó and they said this would make money.

That was fun, and actually made [several billion dollars] for the federal government. I donít know if I can think of another program in the time Iíve been in Congress that actually made money for the federal government instead of costing money.

His Final Thoughts on His Election
I find it sad for the Republican Party. ... Only one [state legislature in the country] had a gain in Democratic seats: it was the Delaware House of Delegates.

Unfortunately, with Christine OíDonnell on top of the ticket, Republicans took a real clobbering in my state.

Iím not a revengeful person. But itís disconcerting that we could have gone through such a terrible election at a time when Republicans were making gains across America.

I donít think she served the Republican Party well, and I donít think she would be a good candidate for the future in Delaware.

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