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In Tight Budget, Capitol Police Get Boost

The AOC faces a $4.6 million cut to its budget for House items in the bill.

This includes rearranging priorities to fund only “high priority deferred maintenance and life safety projects,” according to the Appropriations Committee release.

The legislation would decrease the AOC’s budget for House office projects by almost $25 million from fiscal 2010 levels.

But the Capitol itself might see an infusion of maintenance work: More than $21 million is added to the AOC’s budget for the building.

Funds for maintenance to the Botanic Garden, the Library and the Capitol Power Plant will also be decreased from fiscal 2010 levels.

The bill increases the House of Representatives’ salaries and expenses budget by more than $2 million to a total of
$1.37 billion. That’s to “replace critical life and safety equipment for the House Buildings and the House side of the Capitol,” according to an Appropriations Committee release.

The legislation provides the Congressional Budget Office a $1.7 million budget increase to hire analysts whose salaries were paid for by a fiscal 2009 supplemental.

Another $1.4 million is added to the Government Accountability Office budget to “accommodate their expanded workload covering an audit of the Federal Reserve and increased work related to the intelligence budget,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.), ranking member on the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch, criticized Democrats for assembling the spending measure Tuesday night and moving it to a floor vote Wednesday. “Voting on Appropriations funding for the legislative branch less than 20 hours after the details are made public is no way to govern,” Aderholt said. “This is an irresponsible way of appropriating during a time when we should be combing through each line item in open hearings in order to reduce federal spending.”

Before any of the changes are final, the bill will have to be reconciled with a not-yet-approved Senate version.

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