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Most Outrageous, Absurd Candidates of 2010

As with most direct mail, the assertions here are propaganda, exaggeration, distortion and fiction. Still, isnít there something at least a little wrong with prying cash out of people by leading them to believe that you can win when you canít? Or were the Sowers folks so politically inept that in late October they thought their candidate could win?

Charlie Crist (Florida). If there was any doubt about his character, judgment and instincts for survival, Cristís behavior during 2010 should have put them to rest.

Crist, who was elected governor as a Republican, sought the Republican Senate nomination until it became clear he couldnít win it. Thatís when he switched to run as an Independent, even though he was told by savvy advisers that he couldnít win.

The governor proved himself to be the ultimate phony this cycle, placing himself at the bottom of the list of a profession that is widely regarded as filled with egomaniacs and frauds. He will say anything and do anything to promote himself, and he does it with such self-assurance and phony sincerity that it makes you want to take a shower after youíve watched him on television.

Christine OíDonnell (Delaware). Iíve often wondered how people with no credentials can promote themselves, whether in the business world or in the political sphere, but Iíve never seen such an absurd case as OíDonnell.

OíDonnellís background was such that itís hard to believe anything but the most fly-by-night business would hire her. And, in fact, she didnít seem to have a job when she began her third run for Senate. Yet Delaware Republican primary voters handed her the nomination, ignoring questions about her character and judgment.

So, while OíDonnellís candidacy was an example of sheer gall, itís those Delaware voters who cared only about her positions on the issues and mindless outsider rhetoric who deserve the ďabsurdĒ label.

Stuart Rothenberg is editor of the Rothenberg Political Report.

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