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Democrats Trail in 5 Undecided House Races

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Two weeks after Election Day, there are seven House races up in the air. Some are already headed to recounts, while votes are still being counted in others. 

Democratic incumbents in two races have both declared victory, but their opponents have not yet conceded. If Democrats are not able to reverse the outcomes of the five races where Members trail, it would mean an overall net GOP gain of 65 seats. The contest in Illinois’ 8th district is the closest, with Rep. Melissa Bean trailing by roughly 347 votes. It’s already gotten messy between the two camps and doesn’t appear headed to an easy resolution anytime soon.

California 11th: 1,751 votes separating candidates

Sophomore Rep. Jerry McNerney claimed victory last week with an “insurmountable lead” of 1,681 votes. Thousands of votes have been counted since, and the Democrat’s lead over Republican David Harmer has grown to 1,751. However, thousands more votes are still uncounted. In San Joaquin County, one of four counties in the district, about 9,000 provisional ballots remain to be counted. More than 52 percent of the total vote comes from San Joaquin, where Registrar of Voters Austin Erdman said a final update likely will not come until just before Thanksgiving. Harmer holds a lead of more than 5,000 votes in that county, while McNerney leads in Alameda and Santa Clara counties. The two are split in Contra Costa County. Harmer, who held a lead on election night, has refused to concede.

California 20th: 1,107 votes separating candidates

Rep. Jim Costa declared victory last week after new vote tallies boosted his lead. So far, the Democratic lawmaker is the only one to say the race is over, but his lead of 1,107 votes will be difficult for Republican Andy Vidak to close. Kern County, one of three counties in the district, was expected to release an updated vote count late Monday. With Costa leading Vidak by about 20 points in Kern and Fresno counties combined, Democrats expected Costa’s lead to increase by today as absentee ballot counting is completed. Provisional ballots will be counted in the two counties, with updates coming Wednesday and Friday. If the race is not decided by then, Democrats in the state think it will be over by the middle of next week.

Illinois 8th: 347 votes separating candidates

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