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Preparations Are Less Feverish This Time

People just want to be in a communal environment on a night like this, she said, whether that means drowning sorrows in booze or toasting to a new regime. We really are a bunch of political junkies.

And while some businesses are preparing for a busy night, there are signs that midterm madness is hardly an epidemic.

Chuck Lemine, whose business, Capitol Sedan and Limousine Service, ferries VIPs around town in a fleet of about 20 Town Cars and limousines, isnt expecting a busy night.

There arent that many bookings for Nov. 2, he said. Maybe there will be people booking last-minute, but it doesnt look like it.

And the excitement over election night apparently hasnt reached American Spirit, the shop at Union Station where a beaming Sarah Palin cutout looms behind cutouts of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Manager Linda Williams said the midterms havent generated much excitement, or demand. We havent gotten anything special in, she said. People havent seemed to want it.

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