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Krumholz: Mystery Donors Keep Voters Out of the Loop

And unions play the game, too: As usual, members’ dues are fueling millions of dollars in political efforts that conservatives consider patently anti-business. They should not be able to hide their support for pro-Democratic groups, and any outside group that they are giving to should also have to disclose its donors.

We charge the voters with a serious job. Surely they deserve the opportunity to consider what motives might explain the largesse of those attempting to influence elections and policy. Commonsense dictates that Congress should act to defend transparency, the voter’s right to know and the democratic process.

Meanwhile, TiVo will be a powerful tool this week to avoid being barraged with all of the shocking, intriguing but ultimately false information directed our way. A working remote, a double dose of skepticism and an eye on the money will likely come in handy on Nov. 2, and far, far beyond. So long as federal law effectively says, “see no evil, hear no evil,” we must never trust that organizations bent on influencing us will simply volunteer to speak no evil, as well.

Sheila Krumholz is executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

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