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Roll Call

Heard on the Hill: A Little More About Clooney

We promise to stop writing about him soon, but there are several more details that HOH wants to share about George Clooneys recent Capitol Hill visit.

When Senate Foreign Relations ranking member Dick Lugar met the handsome Oscar-winning actor Tuesday, the duo talked about Sudan. But it wasnt their first meeting.

Clooney told the Indiana Republican that they were introduced at the Indiana State Fair decades ago. Lugar was mayor of Indianapolis, Clooney was 7 and his dad, Nick, was a reporter for a Cincinnati TV station.

The pairs most recent visit attracted a tad more attention. More than a dozen photographers, videographers and camera-ready Congressional interns camped outside the Foreign Relations Committee room to get a glimpse of Clooney.

A few eager photographers snapped shots early, when Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer walked through the corridor that Clooney was expected to arrive from.

I am not George Clooney, Gainer deadpanned.

Raves for the Ranting

Look, not everybody can be Gwyneth Paltrow.

On Rants From Mommyland, local stay-at-home mom Julie Miner and BBC producer Kristin Wilson Keppler offer a snarky take on parenting not typically found in glossy magazines or how-to books. And the blog has a Capitol Hill connection: Miners husband, Matt, is a top Republican staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Since its launch about a year ago, Rants From Mommyland has drawn hundreds of thousands of hits, the authors have written a handful of posts for the Huffington Post and they appeared on TBDs Lets Talk Live.

Miner tells HOH that she and Keppler both mothers of three got the idea for the blog about a year ago after sharing a mutual meltdown one morning in the parking lot of their kids preschool. The stressed-out pair decided that a parenting book that would actually tell you anything wouldnt have chapters, it would have rants, Miner says. And so the blog was born.

Were not trying to be parenting experts, Miner says. Sometimes when its cold and flu season and you take too many antihistamines, things happen. Like, your bathroom is disgusting.

Writing under the pen names Lydia and Kate, the duo tackle subjects ranging from doing the laundry (or not doing it) to child discipline. But one thing the blog isnt? Political. Miner and Keppler decided that because we live in such a political place, they wouldnt go there.

The inspiration is our daily life, Miner says. More than anything, the idea that if you could laugh at it, you could live with it.

Tim Gunn to the Fashion Rescue

Fashion guru Tim Gunn has some good news for Washington stylistas: Fashion in the city is improving.

Ive seen a lot of positive fashion changes since the Obamas have come to town, Gunn writes in the November issue of the fashion magazine Marie Claire.

In fact, Gunn praises fashion on Capitol Hill in his monthly Q&A column, Gunn Laws. The Project Runway star responds to a reader who works on Capitol Hill and is seeking affordable style tips. Gunn suggests shopping the private labels at department stores.

Theyre fashionable and more affordable because theyre developed within the company, he writes. He also advises staffers to check out the clothes at J.Crew and H&M for stylish and budget-friendly pieces.

Gunn has experience with fashion on the Hill thanks to his lobbying efforts on behalf of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, which would put an end to knockoff bags, dresses and other clothing items.

Gorgeous Giannoulias

Hunky Illinois Senate candidate and state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias was spotted in D.C. over the weekend.

A spy found the Democrat pacing outside the Hotel George on Saturday while chatting on a cell phone. We hear Giannoulias, who was dressed casually in a light blue T-shirt and jeans, is easy on the eyes. Our spy went so far as to describe him as hot.

Giannoulias was in town for a Sunday appearance on Meet the Press, where he debated his Republican opponent, Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk.

Celebs Come to Town to Honor Police Who Investigate Crime

Law & Order: SVU star Richard Belzer and Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Vincent DOnofrio will be in D.C. this week.

The faux crime-fighting detectives will join Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday at a black-tie gala commemorating the beginning of construction of the National Law Enforcement Museum.

Unlike the Museum of Crime and Punishment in Chinatown, the National Law Enforcement Museum will be the only Congressionally authorized museum dedicated to crime-fighting professions.

The gala, set to take place at the National Building Museum, will feature more than just TV actors. It will display a few of the exhibits planned for the upcoming museum.

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