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Heard on the Hill: Norton vs. Colbert: Round Two

A: Kicking footballs between goalposts. Such a useful skill.

Q: If you weren’t a Member of Congress, what would you be doing?

A: Mall cop or Apple’s VP of product development.

House Aide E-mailing It In


Congressional aides often send e-mails to colleagues in other offices to share information on policy matters.

But occasionally, staffers need help with a different sort of issue.

Case in point: Paul Kincaid, press secretary to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), sent a message to Democratic House press secretaries on Friday seeking help finding University of Michigan gear for an office colleague

Kincaid’s fellow staffer was “curious as to a potential store in this area” to find the Michigan merchandise, Kincaid writes.

And while Kincaid appeared to be doing his colleague a fashion favor, don’t expect him to root for the Wolverines any time soon.

Kincaid titles the e-mail “as much as it pains me to ask this ...” and concludes it with a line pledging allegiance to the University of Florida.

“Having said that, Go Gators,” Kincaid writes.

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