Feb. 11, 2016
Bill Clark/Roll Call
House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence is planning a fundraiser with D.C. lobbyists and others Wednesday at Capitol Hill’s Tortilla Coast.

K Street Readies Care Packages for Campaigns

The next month will be a blur of mud-slinging, fundraising and media buys for House and Senate campaigns. But on K Street, the midterm homestretch means war-gaming new committee lineups, bailing out faltering campaigns with last-minute checks and catching up on administrative duties after a hectic pre-recess period.

“The meetings are easier, and they’re not very stressed,” a Republican lobbyist said. “There’s something nice about doing them when nothing’s going on.”

There’s also plenty of golf. On Friday, Democratic lobbyist Paul Block confirmed that he’s invited as many as 80 people for an Oct. 14 round at Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, Va.

“This is a big one,” Block said of the mid-October outing.

And while the mood may be mellower, the pressure to fill candidate coffers has not disappeared.

In-town fundraising dropped off dramatically at the end of last week — much to the delight of many lobbyists — but the latest round of fundraising appeals suggests party leaders are still trying to wring every nickel out of the business community before Election Day.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, for example, had more than 100 candidate events planned for last week, ranging from a $2,500 breakfast with the pharmaceutical industry to a $5,000 reception hosted by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. According to a new DCCC list out Friday, the committee is planning to hold one-fifth of the fundraisers it held last week between now and Halloween, including two events by ambitious House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Xavier Becerra (Calif.).

House Administration Chairman Robert Brady (D-Pa.) also is hosting a Washington, D.C., fundraiser today, while House Majority Whip James Clyburn (S.C.) will throw a $2,400 event at the Capitol Hill Club on Oct. 12.

House GOP leadership is also still attempting to raise as much cash as it can before early November. On Wednesday, House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.) will hold a $1,000-a-head fundraiser at Capitol Hill’s Tortilla Coast.

A Democratic lobbyist said many colleagues are in regular contact with campaign committees to determine how to triage races in the final month before Election Day.

In the last few weeks of a competitive contest, the source said, staffers anxiously wait for overnighted K Street care packages that are sent to campaign headquarters at the direction of party committees.

“At this time of year, from now until Election Day, [campaigns] wait for two things: UPS/FedEx envelopes and the mail,” the source said.

Lobbyists are also expected to spend the next four weeks sketching out post-Election Day scenarios for their clients. A new majority would no doubt mean heated contests for committee gavels as well as the top panel slots for the minority party in the House.

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