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Activists Seeking to Spur Legislation With ‘Semper Fi’

Courtesy Hope Hall
Jerry Ensminger’s 9-year-old daughter, Janey, died of leukemia, and he has fought for restitution for her and others who lived at the North Carolina base.

“They require a lot of homework and knowing what you’re talking about,” Libert said. “You have to make sure you’re going in with a very solid understanding of the subject and also an understanding of the politics behind the issue and where different people stand.”

Libert had to be prepared with background knowledge because the legislators involved with this issue all support restitution for the families housed at Camp Lejeune. Dingell said he sees the lack of action on the part of the government as a serious oversight.

“It’s a very serious problem. The military takes upon themselves enough risks, of getting shot at by al-Qaida or the Korean communists or Vietcong or people like that,” he said. “We put them on a base and tell them that they’re going to be reasonably safe and their families are going to be safe while they’re on that base.”

Hagan said she hopes her husband, a Navy veteran, sees the documentary as a new look at an issue that still isn’t well-known.

“I think that it will certainly offer a vivid description of what took place at Camp Lejeune and help many people understand” what happened there, she said.

In addition to informing other Members of Congress and their staffers, Miller said he hopes the documentary will spur support for two bills on the issue that are pending in the House and Senate.

“It will call to the attention of Members and staff ... the whole history of the water and the effort to get accurate information about what really happened, and obviously to create a sense that justice requires that we compensate the people who were harmed by the water,” he said.

But Ensminger said he feels that the documentary is not just for Congressional eyes.

“It has the potential to affect anybody and everybody that watches it,” he said.

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