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Roll Call

Heard on the Hill: Toomey’s Team Socks It to Them

Last Wednesday was a banner day for Sen. Pat Toomey. First, the Pennsylvania Republicans budget proposal got the most votes of all the budget proposals that failed. Second and perhaps even sweeter for being a victory his staff beat the Department of Treasury at softball ... and good.

There has been no love lost between Toomey and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. The two have been locked in a battle of wills over the debt ceiling. So last March after Toomeys debt ceiling bill was killed, the freshman Senator probably thought how good it would feel to win against Geithner.

His staff made sure it happened. In the last inning of Wednesdays game, the Hit It Toomeys came back from a three-run deficit to win by one run.

Mitch Vidovich, team coach and legislative aide to the Senator, tells HOH that Carolyn the Intern was the most valuable player of the night since she had the game-winning RBI.

Toomey tweeted his congratulations Thursday. He also noted financial Armageddon did not ensue after Treasurys defeat.

The Treasury Department has not returned calls and emails for comment.

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