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Between the Lines: Where’s Russ Running in Missouri? He’s Everywhere

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Rep. Russ Carnahan appears looking at both statewide office and a potential run in the redrawn 1st or 2nd districts in Missouri.

In his veto letter, Sandoval cited the dilution of Hispanic voters and lack of a Hispanic-majority district, which he said was in violation of the Voting Rights Act. He also charged the new lines were “drawn exclusively for political gain.”

Democrats have already put forth a new Congressional map, but it is unlikely those lines will pass Sandoval’s test either.

According to the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston, in the new plan the Democrats added Hispanic areas to Rep. Joe Heck’s (R) 3rd district, increasing the Democratic registration advantage there to 15 points.

Democrats would also hold a 15-point registration advantage in Rep. Shelley Berkley’s (D) Las Vegas-based 1st district and a 5-point edge in the new 4th district. The vacant 2nd district, previously held by Sen. Dean Heller (R), would have a 7.4-point GOP registration advantage.

Indiana: Rokita’s Very Own Indianapolis 500 (Yards)

Republicans state lawmakers redrew Indiana’s Congressional map to put Rep. Todd Rokita a mere 500 yards outside his 4th district — and according to the Republican, that’s no accident.

Rokita told the Muncie Times he believes local lawmakers were getting back at him for pushing a nonpartisan redistricting reform commission during his tenure as secretary of state. And he said he’s not moving.

“I think once folks realize the politics of what happened, the fact that they moved the line 500 yards from where it used to be, and they know that I was a reformer for the lines and this was kind of a comeuppance thing — I think folks will understand that,” Rokita told the newspaper. “I’m not a carpetbagger.”

Steve Peoples and Joshua Miller contributed to this report.

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