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DCCC: Chairman Out Front

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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel is leading a new campaign to bring in high-end donors.

Several of the K Streeters involved are onboard with the Chairman’s Council since the Blueprint for America initiative is now defunct. Blueprint for America was a group started by about two dozen lobbyists focused on giving $10,000 per cycle in personal money to Frontline members. The DCCC also had a previous Chairman’s Circle program focused on committee chairmen bringing in contributions, but that fundraising group hasn’t been used in years. The DCCC is not alone in its efforts to cultivate donors giving personal money to a membership program. The National Republican Congressional Committee has had a similar program for the past several election cycles called the Congressional Leadership Council for individual donors contributing $10,000, according to NRCC spokeswoman Emily Davis.

“For years, the NRCC’s individual donor programs have provided a political voice for thousands of Americans, and we’ll take the DCCC’s attempted imitation as a form of flattery,” Davis said in a statement. “While Democrats cajole individuals to open up their wallets to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker again, Democrat campaigns and policies will continue to be controlled by labor unions and liberal interest groups.”

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