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House Hairstylists Worry About Job Futures

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The shuttering last week of Tides Hair Salon, seen here under construction in 2009, left some employees wondering about their jobs.

Vittoria Pezzani, an aspiring hairstylist and receptionist at the salon, also hoped to stay. 

After she heard Tides was closing a month ago, she halfheartedly began looking for a new job, still in denial about Tides’ closure.

“With this place recently remodeled, I couldn’t believe it,” she said, admitting that even last week she continued making referrals. “If Tides really closed, I felt deep down that a new owner would come in. But I really didn’t think the staff would be left out.”

By Wednesday, however, she started having doubts and stepping up her Craigslist jobs search. Now she’s job-hunting full time. She and Christiansen were asked to turn in their House badges and parking stickers Friday.

“How hard is it to call me and talk to me?” Christiansen asked. “I don’t expect the House to keep my job, but just tell me what’s up.”

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