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Boehner Troubled by Unseemly Behavior

Several Republican lobbyists said the Terry incident is part of a larger concern involving a group of House Republicans and lobbyists, including Glenn LeMunyon of the LeMunyon Group, who regularly party with female lobbyists.

“On the Hill, there’s a lot of older men that just go home when they’re done with votes,” said the longtime Capitol Hill Club member who overheard Terry’s remark. “Then you have a smaller group that likes to knock back a few and have a good time.”

Among them are GOP Reps. Bill Shuster (Pa.), Sam Graves (Mo.), Chris Lee (N.Y.) and Duncan Hunter (Calif.), several sources have confirmed. None of the Members have been accused of any improprieties.

LeMunyon, a former appropriations staffer for then-Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) before the lawmaker’s rise to Majority Whip, regularly hosts Members at his Capitol Hill townhouse for fundraisers and after-hours parties, according to multiple sources. LeMunyon declined to comment, saying, “No, it’s just all false.”

Even though leadership has taken notice, the source said, it’s far from a “Mark Foley, we’ve-got-problems situation.”

“You also have to realize that Boehner ... he knows these guys. He’s hung out with these guys. He knows the situation enough to know it’s more of an appearance thing,” the source said. “He’s saying more, ‘Hey, let’s not let the appearances lead to a worse situation whereby it gets out of hand and we have a scandal on our hands.’”

The outing of Terry at the private Capitol Hill Club set off speculation that the venue’s unspoken “off the record” rule should be formalized to require IDs when entering the club.

However, several lobbyists said it would be almost impossible to police who comes into the club, particularly now that the club allows personal credit cards to be used to allow nonmembers’ staffers to pay their own tabs.

Capitol Hill Club general manager Stan Lawson and club President Ray McGrath of Downey McGrath Group Inc. did not return calls seeking comment.

Jackie Kucinich contributed to this report.

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