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Heard on the Hill: Tag, Weiner’s It

Rep. Anthony Weiner has mastered the art of Twitpics, hashtags and, most recently, tweeting about himself in the third person.

The New York Democrat, known in Washington for colorful rants on the House floor, tweeted a link to a BuzzFeed article Monday morning that rounds up the Congressmans top 15 hashtags of all time.

According to BuzzFeed, Weiners hashtag hall of fame includes chestnuts such as #jewfropictureincluded,
#wrinkledupoldfool and

Weiner tells HOH that hes comfortable in the language of tweets. Tweeting is like joke-telling, he says. Youve got the shot and the chaser kind of thing its just like giving someone a hard time at the bar.

While the rest of the Twittersphere might have considered Weiner a wordsmith for some time, its nice to know that now he does, too. #Hashtagsgettingtohishead.

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