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Heard on the Hill: You Know You’re in D.C. When ...

Sen. Scott Brown made some D.C. tourists’ day on Wednesday.

The Massachusetts Republican set up shop for a book signing outside the Barnes & Noble at Union Station, attracting throngs of tourists who were trekking from the train station.

Groups of families, with suitcases behind them and oversized cameras around their necks, were seen huddled near the bookstore whispering, “Who is that?”

Upon discovering who Brown was, a few bought his book and had it signed. Some even had the Senator’s aides snap pictures of them with the lawmaker.

Brown, promoting his autobiography “Against All Odds,” attracted more than just tourists. Several people in business suits shook hands with him on their lunch breaks.

“This is just something I do in my free time,” Brown tells HOH. “I like to get out of the office.”

It doesn’t get more Washington than spotting a Senator upon your arrival in the District.

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