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CAO, Owner Face Off Over Salon Lease

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According to Marvaso’s lawyers, the CAO’s inquiries into the way Marvaso runs his business and the review of his financial records are not authorized in the landlord-tenant contract. They said the office has been “fishing” for a basis to force the salon from the space.

“The reality is that the CAO simply wanted Mr. Marvaso gone, and, without a legal basis to remove him for default, resorted to a termination for convenience,” reads part of the appeal letter, which also was forwarded to all House Administration Committee members.

“It is all but certain that soon after Tides shuts its doors, one of Mr. Marvaso’s competitors will soon be occupying the space.”

“I personally think they don’t like Vince,” salon manager Shala Christiansen said.

The CAO refused to answer questions regarding its relationship with Tides and Marvaso or the reasons for its termination of the lease.

Last week — more than three weeks after terminating the Tides contract — the CAO distributed a survey asking staffers about how often they use various private entities including Zipcar, the House Learning Center and the Cobbler’s Bench Shoe Shine and Repair. Almost every question, however, centered on Tides, including how often staffers patronized Tides and what services they used.

Marvaso said he isn’t sure what the next step will be.

“At this point, it’s difficult for me to see how we can move forward given the loss in trust,” he said. “It’s been a blowing up of bridges.”

Alison McSherry contributed to this report.

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