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Heard on the Hill: Riggo Reflects on ‘Sandy Baby’ Riposte

An HOH spy eyed the Ohio Republican sitting quietly in the waiting room of the Capitol Hill Dental Group on Thursday morning, presumably in anticipation of his turn in the dentist’s chair. There’s no word on what specifically Boehner was doing at the tooth doctor, as a spokesman declined comment — although HOH wondered whether the longtime smoker had an appointment to get his teeth whitened.

A Match Made in ... Trenton? Unlike, say, Snooki or The Situation from “Jersey Shore,” Senate staffers Michael Pagan and Yasmin Yaver are two New Jersey-ites who are happy in love.

Pagan, press secretary for Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), popped the question last week to Yaver, senior policy adviser for Hispanic affairs to Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).

The Garden State power couple was out for a jog Wednesday when the crafty Pagan steered them toward the picturesque National Cathedral grounds, he tells HOH. He faked a cramp and pulled over to a park bench, where he presented a ring to his very surprised girlfriend.

The two met Senate-cute back in 2007, when they both played for the combined Menendez-Lautenberg softball team.

And as if the ring on Yaver’s finger wasn’t enough proof of the couple’s commitment, here’s another, more modern, sign: “She changed her status on Facebook,” Pagan says.

The happy twosome hasn’t set a date, but they’re thinking about a destination wedding, possibly in the Caribbean ... sometime when the Senate is in recess.

Paging the Grammar Police. Astute HOH readers surely remember that last week we dished about a new series of writing clinics designed to help Senate staffers with their commas, plurals and commonly confused words. And HOH admits we poked a tad bit of fun, noting that there are some sophisticated, well-educated (and coughsnobbycough) Congressional aides out there who need help with verb usage.

But as it turns out, at least one Senator has put in a call to the grammar police.

Shortly after the item ran, HOH heard from a tipster who pointed out a sign — located by a telephone near the Senate subway heading from the Capitol to the Senate office buildings — reading, in part:



Punctuation-wise, the sign makes it appear that the phone is only for one Senator — or a person named Senator.

HOH hears the sign has aggravated the grammar-conscious Senator, whose staff has tried (in vain) for years to figure out how to go about getting it fixed.

Wondering who that Senator is? We aren’t telling — but just keep an eye out for the guy or gal carrying around a dog-eared copy of “The Elements of Style.”

Overheard on the Hill. “It’s nice to know a Republican governor [who] when he goes hiking, he doesn’t go to the Appalachian Trail.”

— Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), taking a jab at infamous South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford during the Marijuana Policy Project’s anniversary gala on Jan. 13. Cohen spoke after former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R).

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