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On Jobs, Democrats Find New Allies

The National Association of Manufacturers also told Obama in a recent letter that it “stand[s] stand ready to assist you in advancing a growth and jobs strategy that builds on a strong manufacturing base to serve our entire nation.”

“We anticipate working with the administration and Members of Congress to promote job strategies,” NAM spokeswoman Laura Narvaiz said.

But not every conservative-leaning business group is preparing for a kumbaya moment with the White House. National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors President Dirk Van Dongen said his group will sit out the debate on a jobs bill.

“We’re not involved in what the White House is doing,” Van Dongen said. “At the end of the day, just about everything they’re talking about kind of constitutes ‘make work,’ as opposed to ‘real work.’”

He concluded: “Businesses hire when they need people to perform the tasks associated with a job, not when they’re given a tax break or some other artificial incentive.”

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