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Heard on the Hill: Another Senatorial Line-Jumper

HOH would like to remind Members of Congress that while you can skip the security lines when entering buildings on Capitol Hill, it’s totally not cool to cut in line in Congressional cafeterias.

Word got out last week that Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) jumped the line at the Cups & Co. carryout in the Russell Senate Office Building. And now HOH has learned that another Senator — Wyoming Republican Mike Enzi — on Friday skipped in front of patrons patiently waiting for their morning brew in a nearby Senate snack shop.

If one more Senator cuts the line for his coffee, this officially becomes a trend.

An HOH tipster was in line with about four or five others at the Senate-side shop in the basement of the Capitol when Enzi walked in. The Senator mulled around for a few minutes, then skipped the line to order and pay for his coffee, the tipster said.

Enzi didn’t say a word the entire time, our tipster noted.

Enzi spokeswoman Elly Pickett told HOH the Senator didn’t mean to cut the line.

Enzi usually brews his coffee in his office, “being the financially prudent accountant that he is,” Pickett said. But because he’s been in the Capitol managing the health care debate, Enzi hasn’t been able to make his own.

“He doesn’t ask his staff to get his coffee; he is willing to get it himself,” Pickett said. “He didn’t notice the few people in the snack shop were in line, so he ordered and paid for his coffee, added cream and sugar and headed back up to the debate.”

Enzi apologies to anyone who thought he cut them off, Pickett added. “He would never intentionally do that and will be more observant the next time he needs a cup of joe during floor debate,” she said.

Still Funny. Sen. Al Franken hasn’t lost his touch. An HOH tipster overheard the former comedian practicing his deadpan routine to a staffer while riding the Senate subway late last week. The Minnesota Democrat mused that someone ought to introduce legislation to create a Tiger Woods postal stamp, our spy says.

A Franken spokeswoman says her boss used the idea of a postal stamp honoring the scandal-plagued, affair-having golfer as an “example of a bad idea.”

We think it’s a funny one.

No Looking Back. Some retired Members of Congress speak fondly of their days on Capitol Hill. And then there’s former Rep. Tom Davis.

The Virginia Republican, who left Capitol Hill in November 2008 and almost immediately took a lucrative gig at Deloitte Consulting, appeared at the Avalon Theatre on Wednesday at a screening of “Un-Natural State,” a documentary about the D.C. voting rights movement.

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