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Road Map: Reid’s Health Bill Push May Spell Weekend Work 

“Until people cast their votes, there will be regular minding of the United States Senate,” another senior Senate Democratic aide warned. “I don’t think you lock up any votes until they’re cast.”

The message leadership has been sending to fence-sitting moderates is that the delay in the debate over the Thanksgiving holiday should satisfy their demands that the American public be given enough time to review the bill before the amendment process starts when Congress returns on Nov. 30.

Plus, aides are making clear that Reid’s mash of a Senate Finance Committee measure and a Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee bill is not written in stone.

“It’s really just a starting point for negotiation with some Members to see what they need to secure their votes for final passage,” one Senate Democratic source said.

Meanwhile, it appears that Reid has been receiving some initial numbers from the CBO, and those numbers are not a cause for alarm.

The second senior Senate Democratic aide said leaders are “confident” the bill will get “a good score.”

The Senate Democratic source added, “I don’t think [Reid would] be going ahead with the process if he had a number that was out of whack. ... I’m sure it’ll be in keeping with the president’s stated goal” of $900 billion or less.

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