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Lobbyists Tread Over Partisan Minefield

Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.), a former member of the panel, has already been trying to reach across the aisle on the nuclear provision of the climate change bill. Lieberman, who has long had a pro-nuclear stance, has been reaching out to Republicans such as Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Richard Burr (N.C.) and others to try to broker a deal that could prompt more Republicans to support the overall legislation.

Yet even finding a compromise on nuclear energy is hardly expected to be the deal that will garner enough votes for the bill to pass out of the Senate.

“I don’t think anyone thinks that is going to be the trick,” one Republican lobbyist said.

Yet if Lieberman is successful, and other Senators such as Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) can act as a potential bridge in bringing more moderate Democrats such as Sens. Kent Conrad (N.D.) and Byron Dorgan (N.D.) on board, then the bill’s prospects could be in better shape.

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