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Labs in Battle Over New Tax

“We’re trying to get our message to Members of the Senate Finance Committee, so they understand,” Silverman said. “We’ve done our share, but this goes way beyond. The Senate went looking for dollars and came up with this.”

Park said that Quest, which has 43,000 employees, will be briefing select staff on an “appropriate role for them to play” in the advocacy effort.

“We’re going to be talking to anyone who will listen to us,” Silverman said.

Mertz of the labs’ association added that a tax on medical labs would ultimately increase the costs of all patients’ lab work.

“This tax is going to be passed on to the patient,” he said. “It runs counter to the whole goal of this bill, which is supposed to reduce health care costs.”

He added that it could have a negative impact on preventive care as well.

“The irony is, not only would this raise health care costs, but another key purpose of these bills is to encourage preventive services, early diagnosis, and those preventive services, most of them are lab tests.”

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