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Obama Push Gives Stalled Trade Pact a Pulse

But not every domestic industry is rallying behind the White House’s latest calls for the trade deal. Critics argue that trade barriers enacted by the South Korean government unfairly limit access to the country’s consumers by beef producers and car manufacturers from the United States. According to Ford Motor Co. spokesman Mike Moran, American-made cars represent 80 percent of the United States’ trade deficit with South Korea, and any new pact could represent “the last, best chance to open the Korean market to imported automobiles.”

“Ford Motor Company is pleased that the Obama administration has committed to negotiate improved auto provisions to ensure that the US-Korea trade agreement will actually help open one of the most closed markets in the world to automotive imports,” Moran said in a statement. “Ford Motor Company looks forward to working with the Administration and Congress on an agreement that provides meaningful market access for our manufacturers, that shows rapid growth of American-made automobiles sold in Korea, and that is enforceable.”

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