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Heard on the Hill: Edolphus Towns Wants to Put the Jane in Johns

Goofy-sounding names might at first seem like a political liability, but Jennifer Moss, the author of “The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book,” thinks they’re a plus.

“First and foremost, it makes them memorable,” says Moss, who is also the founder and CEO of babynames.com. “They conjure an image, and when it comes to memorization techniques, you always use a name and an image.”

And Democratic campaign consultant Steve McMahon agrees. “It makes them unforgettable, even when they shouldn’t be,” he tells us.

Moss tells HOH that she cautions parents who want their children to someday have a big future — including in politics — to avoid punny kid names and to give children a full name that they could someday use on a political bumper sticker, saving the cutesy stuff for nicknames (we agree that Congresswoman Buffy just doesn’t sound right).

Overheard on the Hill

“Excellent hands.”

— The description of then-male model Sen. Scott Brown, posted Tuesday on the Huffington Post, along with photos of the Massachusetts Republican. Brown’s most famous photo spread (nude in Cosmo) was well-documented, but his other modeling shots hadn’t surfaced until now.

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