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Democrats Tire of Baucus Talks

Plus, several Democrats said the time-consuming talks have put Democrats in a pickle from a public relations perspective, as recent polls have shown support for their handling of the issue falling.

“If we can’t articulate what this health care bill means for middle-class, working American families, we will never ever pass health insurance reform,” said another Democratic source. “Hopefully, that’s what the president will explain and Members of Congress will begin to explain, but we need to have a bill to work from.”

Several Democrats also complained that the six negotiators are from mostly rural states and do not represent the bulk of the U.S. population.

“That is a real problem, even when the intentions are meant,” said a Democratic Senator.

But Conrad said the six Senators are “very aware of that, and we’re trying to come up with a proposal that will resonate with colleagues all across the country. It’s not a bill that’s being written for the six people in the room.”

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