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Heard on the Hill: Lady Jane Charms Capitol Hill

Turns out even Senators get a little jealous of celebrities.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein appeared alongside actress Jane Seymour on Wednesday at a Capitol Hill luncheon for Childhelp, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing child abuse. And the California Democrat told attendees that she couldn’t help but be struck by the 59-year-old actress’s gorgeous long brown hair and trim body.

“I figure I’ve been watching her now for a couple of decades,” Feinstein said. “And, Jane Seymour, I don’t know how you do it.”

Feinstein wasn’t the only Member awed by Seymour. Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), a longtime friend of the actress, recalled his favorite Seymour film is the 1980 cult classic “Somewhere in Time,” which tells the story of a man who uses hypnosis to find a woman whose portrait he has fallen in love with. In the movie, when the couple unite, Seymour says, “Is it you?”

A portrait of Seymour now hangs in Burton’s office signed, “Dan, is it you?”

“She’s one of the most wonderful people I know,” Burton gushed.

Although Seymour is a frequent visitor to D.C. — she called Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) “one of my dear friends” — the actress told HOH she was only in D.C. for the Childhelp event. Seymour has been involved in the charity for 24 years, fighting what she called the “world’s dirty secret.”

And while Seymour’s advocacy efforts are noteworthy, HOH couldn’t help but ask the actress who played “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” what her former character might have thought of the recent health care debate.

“I think she proved that being a real doctor, you are part of a whole community,” Seymour said, adding that the relationship between a doctor and a patient, as well as patients taking cues from their own bodies, is paramount for good health care.

“Tests are great, but interaction and positive reinforcement and caring are free and incredibly effective,” she said.

Veggies Vs. Cheeseburgers. In-N-Out Burgers might be delicious, but some healthier fare could be giving the fast food treat a run for its money — and that’s according to a devoted In-N-Out fan, Rep. Joe Baca.

The California Democrat admitted that he’d recently indulged in the beefy burger, but he told celebrity chef and dietitian Ellie Krieger, whose show on the Food Network highlights nutritious cooking, that he was quite surprised that her dishes were “on par” with his beloved In-N-Out.

Krieger testified Wednesday before the Agriculture Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight, Nutrition and Forestry (of which Baca is the chairman) about healthy food and nutrition education in schools. Krieger tells HOH that a reception held Tuesday night featuring some of her recipes might help change the idea that foods that are good for you can’t be delicious, too.

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