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Heard on the Hill: Power to the Purple

Schmidt is no stranger to the 26.2-mile distance, as Saturday marked her 81st marathon, Pfaff says.

And while Schmidt spent her Saturday morning on the streets of Washington, she quickly headed back to Capitol Hill for the rest of the weekend. Pfaff says that after staffers picked the Congresswoman up at the finish line, she quickly changed clothes and ran into the House chamber to make a vote.

Political Theater. Saturday night saw political types from both ends of the spectrum out enjoying a show. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia took in the Washington National Opera’s premiere of “Porgy and Bess” at the Kennedy Center.

Our tipster says he entered through a side door and looked cheerful, smiling and shaking hands with fellow audience members.

Meanwhile, perennial presidential candidate and Green Party-er Ralph Nader dropped by the Landmark E Street Cinema for a screening of “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” — the film based on the best-selling Thomas Frank book. We hear Nader surprised fellow filmgoers by getting into a debate with the documentary’s director, Joe Winston, during a question-and-answer session.

Overheard on the Hill. “Last out of Capitol after midnight. Last protesters put up great cheer for me. I stood with for photos then learned they were for Obamacare.”

— Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) musing on Twitter about mingling with the enemy early Monday morning.

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