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DeLay: The Left Is Right on Immigration Reform Delay

We also must find a way for people who are here illegally to pay taxes and get right with the law. The legislation must create a program so businesses have the employees they need — such as a fair and efficiently run guest-worker program. In Texas we know firsthand that the only reliable measurement for knowing how many people we need here to take these jobs is the marketplace.

What we don’t need is another czar, summit or federal agency that creates artificial limitations on supply and demand. To be successful, immigration legislation must be the product of a bipartisan effort and can’t be written in the deep recesses of the AFL-CIO.

Our country will never build a wall tall enough or a ditch wide enough to keep a man from feeding his family. Finding a comprehensive solution to illegal immigration means that isn’t our only answer. Unfortunately, the president seems to have other priorities.

Former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) was Majority Leader and Majority Whip.

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