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Heard on the Hill: Three Mikes and a Little Lawmaking

It’s the height of annoyance to wear a dress to a special party, only to have two other women arrive wearing the exact same thing. Even more irritating might be getting elected to Congress and then having two guys with the same name show up, too.

That could happen to Rep. Mike Thompson. The California Democrat faces the prospect of having two colleagues named Mike Thompson after the 2010 elections.

Both of the “other Mikes” are state Representatives who might enter GOP primaries in Republican-leaning districts. Both are vying for open seats created by Members leaving to run for governor of their respective states.

The Oklahoma Thompson is considering a run to replace Rep. Mary Fallin (R), while the South Carolina Thompson is among those eyeing the seat Rep. Gresham Barrett (R) will leave.

If that wasn’t confusing enough, just wait until they’re all in Congress and sponsor a Thompson-Thompson-Thompson bill. Just when we finally managed to tell the Udalls apart ...

“I’m sure they’re all good guys,” Oklahoma Mike told us of his fellow M.T.s. And what, we had to ask, made him so sure of that? Seems there’s some kind of positive karma attached to the moniker.

Thompson told us that when he first ran for office, he knocked on a lot of voters’ doors. “And lots of people had known a ‘Mike Thompson’ in their lives,” he said. “And they all said that the Mike Thompsons they knew were good guys.”

The South Carolina Thompson offered HOH two ways to distinguish him from his potential future colleagues: A) he has a strong Southern drawl, and B) most people call him “Michael,” not “Mike.”

Michael-not-Mike said he’s taken note of the Congressman with whom he shares a name — in fact, the California Democrat might have unwittingly fueled the South Carolinian’s political ambitions: The Palmetto State native once visited Washington, D.C., and happened upon the California Democrat’s office. “I took a picture of that name plate and used it as my screensaver for a while,” he confessed.

But a spokeswoman for the Congressman said her boss isn’t losing sleep about the would-be competition. “He’s urged everyone not to count their Mikes before they’re hatched,” she told HOH.

Or elected.

A Speaker and a Gentleman. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attracting Hollywood’s leading men these days.

Fresh off her date (OK, so it was a business meeting) with hunky actor Brad Pitt — who came to Capitol Hill on Thursday to lobby on New Orleans housing — the California Democrat spent her Monday with debonair actor Richard Gere.

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