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Voter Registration System Needs to Be Modernized

While the National Voter Registration Act, or Motor Voter Act, was supposed to solve many of these problems, we know all too well that while some localities do a great job of complying with the act — offering opportunities to register at all governmental agencies — many do not. If we could harness the power of technology, we could better serve the goals of the Motor Voter law, rendering its mandates nearly obsolete while at the same time reducing the need for outside groups to assist in voter registration.

There must be a better way to make sure that all eligible voters have easy access to the system while ensuring that only eligible voters have such access. We should embrace opportunities to research and study technological innovations to the voter registration system, which could help election officials do their jobs more efficiently, using fewer resources, while improving upon the system’s accuracy. Most importantly, technology and policy innovations could help us better serve our “customers” — the voters.

We have been fortunate to work with those, such as the Pew Center on the States and others, who share our vision of more accurate and efficient elections, and better service to voters, and who have been promoting research and pioneering new solutions. Though this most recent election is over, we will not stop working across state and party lines to ensure that we have the voter registration system our voters deserve.

Robin Carnahan (D) is Missouri secretary of State, and Trey Grayson (R) is Kentucky secretary of State.

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