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Heard on the Hill: Dorisgate, the Sequel

Hungry staffers visiting the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria over the past few weeks might have noticed there’s a friendly face missing at the cashier stand — and that’s led some patrons to fear history is repeating itself.

Beloved cashier Doris Cherry, whose brief suspension last summer from the Longworth cafeteria inspired House staffers to threaten a bipartisan boycott, has a new gig.

Cherry recently accepted a “lateral transfer” to the Members’ Dining Room to work as a hostess, said Mary Bowman, who oversees the House cafeterias as regional director for vendor Restaurant Associates.

There, she’ll welcome Members and their guests to the exclusive eatery. “We feel Ms. Cherry is well-suited for the role given her long-standing familiarity and positive rapport with many of the Members,” Bowman said.

RA officials suspended Cherry in July after she was found, on a few occasions, to be short money at her register. After hundreds of House staffers (and even a few Members) put bipartisan differences aside to protest, she quickly was reinstated.

But some staffers told HOH that there’s new worry that her recent job transfer isn’t because she’s needed in the Members’ Dining Room.

“There are a lot of House staff who are going to be watching her to make sure this isn’t an attempt to try to move her out,” one House insider told HOH.

Guess if history has taught us anything, it’s that nobody messes with Doris.

Doyle’s Drink Order: Straight Up, Hold the Shame. You can take the guy out of Pittsburgh, and, apparently, you can take the Pittsburgh out of the guy — just as quickly as it takes to order a drink.

Rep. Mike Doyle, the tough-guy Democrat from the Steel City, was spotted at the Democratic Club on Wednesday night ... and hold on to your Manolos, ladies ... he was sipping a cosmopolitan.

Doyle was happily tippling the pale-pink drink made trendy — and nicknamed the “cosmo” — way back in the 1990s by the ladies of the HBO show “Sex and the City.”

A concoction that usually includes vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and triple sec, the cosmo became so ubiquitous that in the 2008 “Sex” movie, one of the characters orders the cocktail and wonders why she stopped drinking them. “Because everybody else did,” is the response.

So we have to wonder: Is Doyle more of a “Carrie” or a “Samantha”?

Doyle, contacted by HOH, owned up to enjoying the girly drink. “Real men don’t care what people think.”

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