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Heard on the Hill: Clinton Nixes Curvy Comic

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has undergone more makeovers than Madonna.

She’s transformed from mousy lawyer (remember those headbands?) into regal first lady (in Oscar de la Renta) into tough Senator-turned presidential candidate (pantsuits in every shade).

But it always takes a few tries for Clinton to get it right — even, it seems, in comic book form.

Clinton is one of the stars of “Female Force,” a new biographical comic book series that studies America’s most famous political women. But when comic creators Bluewater Productions offered a sneak peak of Clinton’s cover art a few months back, Madame Secretary apparently wasn’t pleased with the depiction.

Bluewater Publisher Darren Davis told HOH that the company “heard through her people” that Clinton disliked the cover, which had her sporting a blue suit whose buttons were straining over a chunky hourglass figure. Think more Lara Croft and less America’s top diplomat.

“We also had Hillary Clinton fans up in arms about it,” Davis said. “So we wanted to make sure it was done 100 percent out of respect.”

Bluewater asked artist Vinnie Tartamella to create a new, less-sexy cover. Tartamella also placed Clinton in a blue pantsuit — but in the second version, Clinton looks thinner, with an open jacket and a strand of pearls tastefully draped around her neck.

“The suit looked off,” Davis admitted of the original art. “So for this one, we really captured what it should have looked like in the first place.”

Clinton’s comic hits stores this month. First lady Michelle Obama, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy are also part of the series, and Davis said all four would be combined into a graphic novel this summer.

Davis hopes the books offer “an unbiased look at these women” that is also fun. “We do hope we make a difference with these,” he said.

Senate Outtake Reel. It’s been a long week of debate in the Senate over the stimulus package, and all that stress seems to have left a few Senators overstimulated — and maybe a tad blooper-prone.

On Wednesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) gave credit to “a famous baseball player who has passed away” when she said about the stimulus negotiations: “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

That quote, of course, is from legendary Yankee and noted philosopher Yogi Berra.

Reports of Berra’s death, as the (definitely dead) Mark Twain said, are greatly exaggerated. Berra is alive and well and living in Montclair, N.J. — something more than one rabid Yankee fan noted to HOH.

A McCaskill spokeswoman said that the Missouri Democrat simply misspoke (it was late, after all) and that she corrected her statement for the record right away.

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