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DeMint Tries GOP Patience

Likewise, Republicans privately complained that DeMint’s attacks against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other leaders in the days after the election were not helpful. DeMint made veiled threats that he would work to put his leaders out of power if they did not help push the party back toward a more strictly conservative Conference.

In a statement released following the election, DeMint warned that “a change of command at the highest levels of our current leaders” would be needed if the party continued to follow what he termed a “Democrat light” strategy.

However, this being the Senate, it appears most Republicans are willing to move past their hurt feelings, so long as they feel DeMint is committed to working with them. Roberts noted that in subsequent meetings with DeMint, he has committed to reviewing how the steering panel operates.

“I think Jim means it, and he’s a very capable young man. We need to hear from him and he needs to hear from us,” Roberts said.

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