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Heard on the Hill: This Campaign Supporter Doesn’t Sleep. He Waits.

Rep. Don Young on Monday landed the dubious distinction of being named by Roll Call as the most vulnerable Member of Congress in the upcoming elections — not exactly the sort of honor one wants before a big battle at the ballot box.

But things are looking up for the Alaska Republican, as he has an ally in America’s favorite roundhouse-kicking, karate-chopping, smackdown-laying action hero.

As the saying goes, America is not a democracy. It’s a Chucktatorship.

In an opinion piece published Oct. 6 on the conservative Web site WorldNet Daily, actor/martial arts legend Chuck Norris writes about the “economically rotten” Wall Street bailout, saying it shows that “Congress doesn’t need another bailout, but a roundhouse kick right out the door.”

“Vote them out in November by voting for new blood that has a track record of fiscal prudence,” Norris writes.

But Norris also praises Young, who voted against the measure “despite that the tax break for Alaskan fishermen was inserted to sway him to bite at the bailout.”

“Rep. Young is correct, when he writes to his constituents ... [that] this bill is nothing more than a slippery slope to Socialism,” Norris continues.

The action star also praises Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, writing that when the Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), named her as his pick for vice president, he “finally gained my respect and vote.”

“One thing is apparent: Alaska can produce some great Americans,” Norris writes.

On a related note, another embattled Alaskan — Sen. Ted Stevens (R) — apparently wants to create a whole list of his own Chuck Norris-like facts. Take, for example, the title of an Oct. 3 press release: “Senator Stevens Does More after 5 p.m. than a Rookie Senator Could in a Year.”

Sure, but can he count to infinity? Chuck Norris has — twice.

Nights in Red Flannel. Recognize the folksy voice narrating the new campaign ad for Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)? If you’re like the rest of us, probably not, since the voice belongs to a musical legend whose guitar stylings are better-known than his baritone.

That would be soul legend and Tennessean Steve Cropper, the guitarist and songwriter whose hits include co-writing with Otis Redding “(Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay” and “In the Midnight Hour” with Wilson Pickett. An Alexander spokeswoman says Cropper is a supporter of the Tennessee Senator and did the voiceover gratis.

Alexander “looks you in the eye, listens more than he talks and tries to do something good every day,” Cropper drawls in the ad.

HOH is also loving the graphic the campaign is using on its literature, which features the word “Lamar” superimposed over a red-and-black plaid background, in honor of the Senator’s signature plaid shirt, like the one he wore on his cross-state walk in the 1978 gubernatorial race.

Dead men don’t wear plaid, but apparently Senators do.

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