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Heard on the Hill: Congressional Cameo

Teenage crooner Nick Jonas might be breaking hearts on Capitol Hill this week, but Rep. Jack Kingston spent his Monday hanging out with the singer’s even more famous rumored girlfriend — and it could turn into the Georgia Republican’s big break in showbiz.

Kingston got paid $8 an hour to appear as an extra in the new Miley Cyrus movie, “The Last Song,” which is being shot in Kingston’s district. For about 16 hours Monday, Kingston, his wife, son, niece and nephew hung around with the teenage superstar and about 600 other extras on Georgia’s Tybee Island, portraying typical beach-goers.

“They needed tons of untalented, unattractive, non-special extras,” Kingston joked to HOH. “I was the extra of the extras.”

Kingston described the filming as just “a normal day at the beach,” complete with a carnival set built specifically for the film. “We were walking around as tourists, looking at the rides, getting popcorn,” Kingston said of his role.

Kingston didn’t end up even meeting Cyrus, he said, although his 18-year-old son did. “I didn’t try, either,” he admitted.

And perhaps trying to prove that his life isn’t a beach, Kingston noted that he tried to get some Congressional work done during the filming, but his plans were foiled.

“I took with me a whole bunch of Congressional reading, and at one point a wave washed up on the beach and soaked and ruined all my papers,” Kingston said. “Which was a good thing. It’s one way to process it.”

On a Wing and a Prayer. When Senators were asked for their thoughts on embattled Sen. John Ensign, many said they were praying for the Nevada Republican.

And while Senate Chaplain Barry Black didn’t name the sex-scandal-plagued Senator in his daily prayer on the floor Tuesday morning, HOH couldn’t help but think his message seemed a bit targeted.

“Gracious God, ruler of all nature, protect our Senators from the seductive influences of power and prestige,” Black said. “Today, deliver them from the delusion of self-importance, which their position and status subtly nurture.”

The Chaplain’s spokeswoman, Lisa Schultz, insisted that while the language of Black’s prayer might evoke thoughts of Ensign, it “absolutely has nothing to do” with him. “Not even remotely. ... The prayers he offers are nonpolitical,” she said.

Schultz added that Black’s prayers are general, nonpartisan statements that he normally writes in advance. Black wrote Monday, Tuesday and today’s prayer on a plane flight during the weekend, she said. “He usually doesn’t refer to the goings-on of the day,” she told HOH.

In the prayer, Black also asked that in “disagreement and confrontation, help [Senators] to respect and esteem each other, as they struggle together for the resolution of complex issues.”

Seems like good advice to us.

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