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Obama Team Set to Rally for Health Bill

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), who has unveiled a health care reform bill of his own, said any hope of reaching a bipartisan consensus depends on Obama — if bipartisanship is something the president desires. Burr predicted that health care reform would fail absent Obama’s push for a bill that can be embraced by Democrats and Republicans.

“I’m not sure that he’s playing a role,” Burr said. “The process up here has been less than bipartisan. This is all about process; it’s not about reaching a consensus. At some point the president has to weigh in with either what his plan is or what the process is going to be, if in fact he wants a bill that he could sign.”

“If not,” Burr added, “the weight of where this is going the American people will kill long before the president gets hold of it.”

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